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Over the years I have made everything from vanilla extract to toothpaste.  As the years go by, life changes, kids grow, things never stay the same for long.  A lot of my favorite places to find DIY recipes or helps are listed in the other posts, but a couple places have helped me out in different ways on my DIY journey.  

DIY Resources


This is a wonderfully smelling place!  Well, can you imagine, I can!!   I know when I get my mail and I open up that package of fresh vanilla beans, it is heavenly.  I have been making my own vanilla for a few years now.  I have given it as gifts and would never go back to buying it again.  I personally have only purchased the vanilla beans and once tried the ground vanilla beans, but they have other baking items, extracts/flavoring, bottles, and gifts.  They also have a few recipes and free vanilla labels.  Oh, I think I am inspiring myself...I will just have to see what new thing I can try from them.  They even have a vanilla extract making kit you can buy.  It is easy, fun, and frugal.  I grind up the left over beans after they have given their all for the vanilla, and mix it with some sugar, adding it to where ever vanilla and sugar can go.  I just re-did my vanilla batch, it should last me a year or two or more.  

Cultures for Health

Another family run business with all your culture needs for making yogurt, kefir, sourdough, and kombucha.  They also carry items for soap making and other body and home DIY recipes.  They are a great resource!

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