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My Favorite Home Based Businesses 

Mary Kay by Jennifer Meade

Independent Sales Director Jennifer Meade has been impacting the lives of women for 15 years.  She has been supporting her three boys and her self through her Mary Kay business and has worked very hard to give her family a wonderful, loving and stable home.  She is also my sister-in-law and a strong, independent, amazing mom and woman.  

Rebekah Nolt- Thirty One

I joined Thirty-one a few months after my father's death.  I was having a hard time really embracing life again.  Thirty-one has given me so many blessings in every area of my life.  I am a part of a great team of ladies who encourage me to reach my full potential and build my business.  I am connecting with people in amazing ways, enjoying life again and I love having my own business! :-) I'm here to help and bless you in any way I can. 

Rita Peixoto-Younique

Rita is a fun, happy, sweet soul who has a zest for life.  She loves sharing the love of Younique products with her friends and family.   "I am proud to support the company and their mission to Uplift Empower and Validate women all around the globe. The Younique Foundation is also very heart wrenching and touching in what it provides for women around the globe who were sexually abused. I am honored to represent this company and be a Y-sister.Uplifting, Empowering & Validating women all around the globe! You are YOUnique!"

Lara - Lilla Rose

I first fell in love with the accessories and then fell in love with the company and all the lovely women who are so supportive in the business, it truly is a family.  I love sharing Lilla Rose durable, unique, and beautiful hair accessories with others. Making morning hair routines fast and simple, yet put-together. Giving that formal event something extra special.  I love making busy moms, students, grandmas, little girls feel beautiful and put-together fast, saving them time for what matters most.  Let me be your hair hero!  

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