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Cuisine at Home Magazine

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Clean easy to read, no ads, great restaurant quality meals for many different tastes.  Some of our family favorites came from here.  Subscription isn't too expensive.

Mel's Kitchen Cafe

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Mel makes you feel like you have known her forever, easy going, honest, real life mom and wife who's whole family pitches in to either cook or taste or both.  She started out just blogging and sharing recipes with her family across country and 10 years later her blog has really grown with a huge following.  She is the one I go to for a lot of recipes and many of our family favorites came from her.  Not everything is as "healthy" as I would like, but I have found it very easy to substitute. Overall, my number one favorite recipe blog.  

The Pioneer Woman

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Ree started blogging back in 2006 and her Food Network television debut was in 2010 in a competition with Bobby Flay.  The Pioneer Woman premiered in 2011.  She is a ranchers wife, mom of four, author, home schools, and on top of all that has some great recipes.  Her recipes tend to be on our "for special occasions only" list.  She is not shy with the butter or sugar.  She states it right in her bio, so it is no secret!  Perhaps it is the ranch life where they burn it off by mid day, not sure exactly, but for us it can't be a regular thing.  She is fun to watch and has a down to earth sense making you feel like you would fit right in her kitchen if you were neighbors or decided to swing by one day out of the blue.  

Damn Delicious

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This has become another, more recent, favorite food blog.  My husband actually found her when he was trying to use up some left over Christmas ham.  The Left Over Ham bone Soup made a hit and since then I have continued to revisit her kitchen.  

Kitchen Stewardship

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Katie from Kitchen Stewardship has been a long time favorite of mine.  Real food recipes, green living, and lots of support for those wanting to switch to a real food diet.  I purchased her "Better Than a Box" ebook a few years back and it has been a great resource for transforming processed food recipes into real food favorites.  

Web Cooking Classes

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Chef Todd Mohr, Certified Culinary Educator (CCE) teaches every day people secrets of the culinary world.    

Cooking is a lot more about the how and the why, but everyone always focuses on the what - the recipes...

It's true! My recipes were only telling me what to cook.
And, if you've ever tried to follow a recipe only to be disappointed with the result, you know that recipes leave a lot out!


Cooking Classes

Through his free blogfree videos, and the free cooking webcasts he airs from time to time, his goal is to give you the best combination of personalized culinary education with the convenience of online cooking classes.

He also has a paid coarse with 48 weeks of classes, the videos are about 20 minutes long and give a short homework assignment.  Plus there are lots of extras. 

Here's my 2 cents:  I really dislike cooking, and when I first heard this guy, his story sounded a lot like mine, minus the going to culinary school part.  He frustrations and just not having the know how.  I really wish I had found him sooner in my married life, but we have all survived so far.  I am currently working my way through his coarse and I really enjoy it.  However, it did cost a good chunk of change.  

I would suggest if you are hating cooking as much as I was, frustrated beyond belief, or just want to learn some new techniques, check him out.  Like I mentioned above he has free videos on Youtube and his blog.