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Back when I first got married I didn't shop online for much of anything...it wasn't available.  Now, everything is online, and we hardly have to leave our homes.  Which in the grand skeem of things isn't good, but has it's advantages for shopping at times. I don't live in such a place where I can order all my groceries and pick them up or have them delivered, but I have discovered a few places that I can get healthy foods, herbs, and other grocery items at a decent price for being delivered to my door.  Most of these have free shipping for orders over a certain price.  I never want to pay shipping if I don't have to. 


Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families.  


                                        THREE THRIVE MARKET PROMISES.


1. Only the highest quality healthy and natural products

2. Always at prices 25 to 50% off retail

3. Always committed to sustainability and social justice


Interested in getting healthy food shipped to your door?  Use my link to get 25% off your first order.

Thrive Market

This is another store very similar to Bulk Herb Store.  They carry most of the same herbs and spices, but typically I have found them to be more costly.  They do carry essential oils which I have used and have a variety of bath & body and home goods as well.  

Mountain Rose Herbs

Tropical Traditions is my go to for amazing coconut oil and I have also purchased some raw almonds and wonderful flour that is free of herbicide glyphosate which they say is found in most US organic flours. They also carry coconut flours, salt, goat-milk powder, raw nuts, skin care products, baking supplies, oral products, essential oils, grass-fed meats, dairy products, eggs, pet supplies, kitchen appliances, and household cleaners.  All products are high quality, but come with a price.  

Tropical Traditions

There really isn't any need for an introduction here.  Amazon is pretty much my go to for everything, I will compare amazon prices with almost everything I buy.  I use it so much that Prime is a wonderful thing, spoils me a bit when I have to wait more than 2 days for a shipment, you Prime members know what I am talking about! 


I found this store just under a year ago.  I can purchase some Costco items without having to go to Costco. They cost a bit more, but really between saving money on the gas to drive and the small increase in price it is probably a wash.  You can pretty much purchase any non-refrigerated item here (I even bought a plant), but it does cost more than actually going to the store depending on how far the store is.


                 No membership fee 

                 The more you purchase the more the prices drop  

                 Discounts for debit card purchase

                 Discounts for promising not to return an item. 

                 Shipping is free for orders over $35. 

                 The delivery is fast usually 2-5days. 


Salt Lake City-based real human customer service reps, are always available, no matter what time it is. 


Get $10 off your first order over $50 HERE!


and more