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A Smelly Experiment



So I have been an essential oil user on and off over the past 10-15 years.  If you want my opinion on which ones are the best read HERE.


This post is NOT about which company is the best but a personal testimony for one particular oil.  


My husband and I were in Las Vegas almost a year ago and I had brought my "natural deodorant."  This particular deodorant is one I had used in the past and it worked just fine for years.  For some reason however, this time it wasn't working....AT ALL.  I probably would have been better off just not using anything.  


So there I was in place where I needed to be wearing deodorant!  I was going to be sharing the back seat of a car with people and I didn't want to make them gag.  It wasn't like I couldn't find a store and by another stick of deodorant and make due for the week but I decided to conduct an experiment instead.  Poor friends in the back seat.  :)  


I had brought a small bottle of diluted lavender oil, more for a perfume than for actual body odor control, but I thought can't hurt to try it knowing what I knew about the antibacterial properties of lavender.  So I proceeded to use a small amount of the oil mix that was diluted with fractionated coconut oil on my arm pits.  It smelled nice but would it keep me from making everyone hang their heads out the window of the car?  

We were out all day and dinners every evening.  Each day and night I used the oil as my deodorant and never once did I emit an unpleasant body odor.  Yes, if you had been a fly on the wall, each time I would use the restroom you would catch me "checking" my arm pit for any foul odors.  Ha!  What a sight I would have been!  But what a pleasant smell of lavender!   Hopefully no one there had an allergy or sensitivity to lavender, but as far as body odor, it was non-existent and the anti bacterial benefits of the oil proved it to be an excellent deodorant.  HERE are a few more benefits of lavender oil.  


I don't usually have bad body odor, but under the circumstances being hot and maybe stressed about no deodorant,  the possibility was higher than normal and didn't want to take the chance.  So my experiment went well and I rarely go on any trip without my lavender oil packed in my bags! 




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