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Homemade Deodorant


I shared with you my experiment with lavender oil and coconut oil as a deodorant when I was in Las Vegas.  I recently came upon a deodorant that I thought was going to be my perfect deodorant, no more searching!  Don't get me wrong this particular brand is great, and works amazingly.  But I was still hung up on the fact that it was still a bit powdery and white and the charcoal version left grey residue on my arms, even after I rubbed it in really well.   I still had to be really careful putting it on and if I wore a sleeveless shirt or dress, I had to be careful not to lift my arms too much.   I would always resort to my experimental mixture of lavender oil and coconut oil when I wore black because the other kind would leave a residue.


The other issue was this other brand wasn't cheap and I have been trying again to cut down where I can.  So this is the truth, one Sunday morning, I was inspired to look up deodorant recipes.  I knew I had some of the ingredients on hand, so I found a recipe that I tweaked to make my own.  Whipped it up in about 10-15 minutes, an hour before church and away I went feeling accomplished and another experiment to conduct.   


What I didn't want:


baking powder (many natural deodorants contain and I am sensitive to it) 


What I did want:  


Not be powdery





 I melted, whisked, measured, and poured, then let it cool and solidified for a bit.  (sorry never think of taking pictures) I had an old deodorant tube that I cleaned and used as my container.  I only needed a tiny bit and off to church.  


This is the original recipe I had found HERE.


This is what I did:  





Notes:  It has been four weeks since I have been using this recipe.  We have gone camping, paddle boarding, hiking, been under some stress (stress sweat).  Been very happy so far and no complaints from anyone around me. :)  


- is heat sensitive.  I left it in a hot camper and it didn't melt but was soft.  

- a little goes a LONG way.

- recommend rubbing into skin






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