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Cleaning your Lilla Rose Accessories



Lilla Rose hair accessories are great but how do we keep them looking their best?  If you have been a Lilla Rose customer for a while you know that they are very durable and can withstand a lot and their function will stand up to some of the harshest conditions.  However, there are certain finishes that tarnish faster than others and sometimes just through wearing them often and exposing them to hair sprays, hair oil, etc they may need a little TLC.



Flexi Clips & UPins


General Cleaning:   For general cleaning where you want to just knock down the everyday dust that has collected on your Flexi- a rinse with gentle soap and water is all you should need.  Keeping them in a zipper case also helps.  


Tarnishing:  A chemical reaction between a metal and a nonmetal compound, especially oxygen and sulfur dioxide.  This is common in metals like copper, brass, silver, aluminum, magnesium, and other similar metals.  When this reaction occurs in a Flexi it will turn more burnished in color.  Some people like the "antiqued" look but if you prefer to keep yours more shiny and new looking here are some suggestions. 


                   Ketchup:  Yes, it has been used to get that shine back!  

                   Jewelry Polishing Cloths:  There are many different kinds out there HERE is one. 

                   Toothpaste:  I use this to polish my silver it could work on a Flexi although I have not tried it. 

                   Jewelry Cleaner:  Some people have had good luck with Brasso Metal Polish for their Rose Gold accessories.



Hair Spray and other product residue:  If you use hair products and your accessories are getting a sticky build up I suggest the following:

                        1.  Start with the warm water and gentle soap. (recommended by Lilla Rose Inc.)

                   2. Baking Soda and water if the previous doesn't work.  



Hair Sticks 


For any accessory with wood I recommend a microfiber cloth or some soft cloth to wipe them down and perhaps a jewelry cloth for the metal parts of those with mixed metal and wood.  




It depends on the headband, since there are a variety from leather to metals.  A gentle cloth again should work.  Jewelry cloth for the metal ones if needed. 




1. Start with the most gentle approach first

2. Keep hair sprays etc away from products if possible, especially the leather and wood.  




One other Note:  If lice is suspected and the hair accessories may have been exposed, the best way eradicate them is to seal them in a bag and put them in a dark place for a week.  Lice live off of blood and can not survive without it.  Then blow dry, shake or wipe down with a soft cloth.  


If you think your accessory is defective or you have any issue, please don't hesitate to let me know or contact Lilla Rose directly.  Lilla Rose and I as a Stylist want you to be wearing your accessories and be happy with them.  













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